October 8, 2015

I want to THANK YOU for home schooling my son the past three years. When I saw my son was so far behind in school, I did not know where to go or what to do. My friend told me how you conduct very comprehensive evaluations, write goals to bridge the learning gaps and then continuously develop curriculum to meet the goals and skills. I watched you and your credentialed staff put in many hours of love as you all eagerly showed me the tailored instructional materials including state adopted textbooks and data sheets documenting my son’s skills. Your office bridged my son’s gaps academically, behaviorally and socially. The Social Skills lessons with peers based on the needs of the students were very helpful and fun.

My child is now in public school and receiving straight A’s. My son’s teachers ask me what school my son attended before as he is so knowledgeable about everything. I tell them: The Davidson Learning Center where the staff specializes in increasing student achievement, self-esteem, learning is fun again and dreams become a reality. Thank you Dr. Chris for all you and your great staff have done for my son. He misses his second family dearly and is very proud of his grades, behavior, friendships and confidence. May God continue to bless your ministry.

July 22, 2013

I have a fifth grade bright son with Autism and Learning Disabilities that was falling through the cracks. He has been in the Resource Program for a few years, but falling further and further behind. Last year, the school district recommended that I place my son into a Special Day Classroom (SDC), or a more restricted educational environment, to assist with his academic skill gaps. I was broken hearted. At 5th grade to put him into a small class all day long, with very little interaction with general education students for positive role modeling, did not seem to be the answer.

I just kept thinking something is missing! I then found Dr. Davidson. She conducted a very Comprehensive Evaluation of my son and administered IQ, academic, language, behavior, social skills and study skills tests. She observed him at school and interviewed his Teachers.

Her report told my son's "STORY" and included: Background Information, Verbal and Performance I.Q. difference which helped the school understand his cognitive potential, Auditory and Visual Processing and Memory Deficits which showed the need for intervention versus enabling, his Learning Style or the ways to best teach him, Present Levels of Performance (PLOPS) which included his academic gaps, rigorous yet feasible Goals based on the California Core Content Standards and Recommendations of Services so my son can meet his goals.

Dr. Davidson worked collaboratively with school personnel as they accepted many of her goals. Dr. Davidson developed an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) which included goals not adopted by the school and tailored curriculum to fill in my son's academic gaps and engaging learning strategies such as Lindamood Bell Visualization and Verbalization (V/V) instruction, Fast ForWord Language and Auditory Processing computer programs like Wii games and an effective reward system.

My son has been tutored 3 hours every Sunday this past year, at Dr. Davidson's office, working with a credentialed Special Education Teacher utilizing the ILP interventions. He looks forward to Sunday tutoring and is now confident and enjoys school again. His grades have improved from C's to A's, his processing and memory skills have made learning easier and he is now talking about graduating from college, a dream we never thought would be attainable. Dr. Davidson treated my son as if he were her own, putting in many of her own extra hours developing a successful program tailored to his unique needs. I can't thank her enough!

February 25, 2013

I initially met Dr. Chris Davidson at an IEP meeting for a client that we shared. I was the child’s Occupational Therapist funded by the school district and she conducted a very comprehensive evaluation. During that meeting and the many different clients that followed, I realized she had an abundance of knowledge in all aspects. I found her to always be polite and to treat every team member with utmost respect. Although not all team members always agreed, Dr. Davidson worked hard to ensure productive discussions, in the best interest of each child.

When I was struggling with my own son, Dr. Davidson conducted an evaluation and identified his strengths and unique needs. Dr. Davidson shared her results with the school district and they agreed with her findings, proposed goals and recommendations.

My husband and I both know how instrumental Dr. Davidson has been in shaping our son’s education and life. I know that one day he will look back on his younger years and realize how fortunate he was to have someone so caring and wonderful in his life.
Jennifer - Parent

July 22, 2013

I want to thank you the great job you did on my son’s assessment. Your report was very thorough and professional. When you saw an area of need, you dug deeper and got to the heart of the matter. The school district paid for your evaluation and you were able to present an unbiased and honest evaluation. Because of your experience and expertise, the IEP team responded with a new level of cooperation and professionalism. Now, my son finally has an IEP to address his areas of need. Thank you for your perseverance, compassion and generosity- as you clearly put in far more of your own time than you were paid for. You should sleep well at night knowing you made a difference in the life of a child.

Kate - Parent

June 19, 2013

I have a high school senior that is High Functioning Autistic (HFA). After Dr. Davidson's initial evaluation, my son graduated from his Special Day Class (SDC) and placed by the school district in a general education class, with an Instructional Aide, which was quickly faded out.

Each year, Dr. Davidson tests my son and creates a report full of comparison charts, outlining his academic grade equivalencies over the years. It is powerful each year to see how my son's reading, math and writing skills increase and those skill areas that need intervention.

Dr. Davidson then develops goals for the district, as well as, her office to implement for my son. He has been receiving tutoring and social skills training each Saturday, at Dr. Davidson's office, since third grade. He brings his lunch and definitely feels part of the Davidson family!

Two years ago, the school district told me my son would never pass the High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE). Dr. Davidson's tutoring was right on and last year my son passed the CASHEE Math and only missed the English/Language Arts by a few points! We are all confident though he will pass the ELA section this fall.

Dr. Davidson is also working with the Regional Center, in securing an appropriate post-secondary program for our son. Our family has visited a few viable local programs recommended by Dr. Davidson, where our son can continue to grow in all areas, including his independent living skills and also receive a trade certificate for future job opportunities. I am grateful Dr. Davidson has taken my son into her family and for her passion, expertise, knowledge and compassion for all her students.

March 29, 2012

Dr. Davidson is very thorough. Her reports are detailed. She clearly understands special education from various perspectives (i.e., the child, the parent and the school district). This unique knowledge enhances the value of her work product. Special Education Attorney

March 25, 2012

I have known and worked with Dr. Davidson for the past 20+ years. Her work as a psychologist has positively impacted the quality of life of many of the patients that I have sent to her for assessments. She is meticulous in gathering all the pertinent data about an student, doing in-depth testing, seeing the student in the classroom or home situation and creating an assessment profile with relevant interventions that will create a positive learning environment. She sees the WHOLE CHILD and is respectful and sensitive to the learning dynamic, family dynamic, and life path dynamic for the student. She is creative, compassionate and exacting in assessing and representing her clients. This is a woman who sees the possibilities and is not limited with an individual's disabilities. I know the patients that I refer her are in competent, knowledgeable and respectful hands. She is a treasure in our community.

Dr. Beth

March 12, 2012

My experience with Dr. Davidson is through several independent educational evaluations that she has done for special education students over the past 10 years. I have found her to be very thorough and conscientious in the work that she has done and I have found her also to have a great deal of integrity in making recommendations for needed educational services.

Special Education Attorney

March 20, 2012

Dr. Chris Davidson has demonstrated that her skills as an assessor are superior. She has an expert knowledge of assessing students of all ages, and commands a professional presence while attending I.E.P. meetings a school. I have known Dr. Davidson for several years and highly recommend her.

Educational Advocate

February 2, 2012

Dr. Davidson has experience and a background in special education in school districts. Her knowledge of the field of special education means that she brings additional expertise to her assessments of students with special needs and can help to identify and focus on the needs of a student who has a disability that adversely impacts his or her education.

Special Education Attorney

April 1, 2012

I have worked with Dr. Chris twice now and both times she has provided invaluable insight and direction for the betterment of my son's education. I would gladly recommend her to anyone that has a child in need of additional support to reach their educational potential.

March, 2012

Dr. Davidson has experience and a background in special education in school districts. Her knowledge of the field of special education means that she brings additional expertise to her assessments of students with special needs and can help to identify and focus on the needs of a student who has a disability that adversely impacts his or her education.

October 20, 2009

We have been very fortunate to have Dr. Davidson perform a complete and thorough psycho-evaluation for two of our sons. We were so pleased with her commitment to finding out what each of their underlining particular difficulties were, so they could be addressed in an I.E.P. at school.

We found her expertise with school personnel invaluable to help explain complicated areas that my children struggle with daily. We felt absolutely supported by Dr. Davidson every step of the way in the process to obtain appropriate support and services for our boys. Our concerns, as parents, were respected and included in her evaluation report. It is our belief that we have been successful in our efforts to effectively communicate with our son's teachers and school personnel his educational, social and emotional needs, because of the skillful and dedicated efforts of Dr. Davidson.